Eshantha J. Peiris

Since returning to Sri Lanka in 2008, Eshantha J. Peiris has been actively involved on the local music scenes as a collaborative musician and music director.

Having grown up in Colombo, Eshantha owes his musical foundations to his teachers Ramya de Livera Perera and Ananda Dabare, and to his involvement with the St. Joseph's College choir. A talent-development sponsorship from Prima Ceylon Ltd. allowed him to attend New York University's Steinhardt School from 2003-2008, where he earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music Performance and Composition, studying with Eduardus Halim, Marc Consoli, Mark Adamo and Jim McNeely.

While at NYU, he also served as assistant conductor of the NYU Orchestra, and as an adjunct instructor in the piano department.

Eshantha was a conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka from 2008-2015, co-director of the Old Joes Choir, and director of Contempo Choir, in addition to being the keyboardist of the fusion band Thriloka. He succeeded his teacher Ramya Perera as pianist in The Colombo Trio in 2012. From 2014, he two years in Vancouver, Canada completing his higher studies, and returned to the country to conduct the Christmas Concert 2016. He is the founder of Music Matters, a school teaching many disciplines of music. In 2017 he returned to Vancouver, to complete his doctoral thesis in Ethnic Music.

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