SOSL Premieres: Women of Note

Oct 14th, 2023 at the Lionel Wendt Theatre
Conductor: Dushyanthi Perera
Soloist: Shanthi Dias nee Thambar
Ticket Prices: Tickets Rs. 7500, 5000, 4000, 3000 (reserved) 1500 (unreserved balcony)
Box Office: Lionel Wendt Theatre
This October, the SOSL is proud to present the symphonic music of three unique composers: Clara Schumann, Emilie Mayer and Sri Lankan composer Shannon Jacob.
Shannon Jacob’s work “Motherlands: Belonging” was written for the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka, and will be receiving its world premiere on October 14th. Clara Schumann’s piano Concerto in A minor, and Emilie Mayer’s Symphony No.1 will be performed in Sri Lanka for the first time.
Shanthi Dias (nee Thambar), no stranger to the SOSL stage and another notable woman of music, will perform Clara Schumann’s brilliant and demanding piano concerto. The concert will be directed by Dushy Perera, the conductor of the SOSL, under whose characterful and artistic guidance the orchestra has flourished.
Emilie Mayer was known during her day as an extremely talented and prolific composer who wrote in almost every genre. She was often referred to as ‘the female Beethoven.’ She wrote eight symphonies (a great achievement for any composer), the first of which will be performed on the 14th. It is very ‘classical’ in style and form—an homage, one might say, to the teachers who influenced her, yet displaying assurance of ideas and mastery of orchestral colour and texture.
Clara Schumann began composing her piano concerto at the age of 13, and upon hearing it, one may understand the stunning creativity, originality and technical prowess of this remarkable woman. The concerto is original in every sense and does not fit into any formal moulds, though Clara’s gift for lyricism shines through it all, along with immense power and virtuosity. One is only left wondering why she wrote only one.
The SOSL is thrilled to have Shannon Jacob present on the occasion of the world premiere of her work “Motherlands: Belonging.” Shannon observes that for her, living between two worlds,  belonging was not necessarily associated with a place or objects, but with people and experiences that shaped her. She notes that Motherlands is joyful, bittersweet and even a little sad at times. 

Shannon Jacob: "Motherlands: Belonging"

Emilie Mayer: Symphony No. 1 in C minor

Clara Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.7